Adding cc: when submitting a version?

Is it just me or is the no way to add the cc: field for the version submission page? I can’t seem to find a way to add it to the default layout.

I want artists to be able to easily flag certain people to review their versions, but using the ‘Reviewer’ field doesn’t easily fit into our workflow every time.

I know we can add a cc: after the version has been posted and we can add a note, but I would love to be able to do it when submitting the version and save an extra step.


Hi Chad,

I was under the impression that the Reviewer field was on the Task entity and wasn’t on Version. The Version entity doesn’t have a CC field either - at least in our default templates.

What’s your version creation workflow and do you have any custom fields on your site?

If your workflow is to use the Add Version button from a Version page or grid, like below, you’d only have access to Version fields for that dialog box.


Hi @bouchep,

We do use the Reviewer field for some types of tasks…sorry if I am mixing my entities there. :wink:

And now I better understand the issue, as you have described it. The cc: function we’ve been using is associated with the Note entity.

So if I want us to be able to cc: somebody when using the Add Version button, then I would need to create a custom field and then make that part of our default version template and layout. Does that sound about right?

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Hi @Chad,

I should point out that Shotgun systems like Create and Notifications make use of the Reviewers field on Task and CC field on Note core fields.

The Shotgun systems mentioned above won’t connect to a custom CC field on your Version entity. The custom field would just hold one or more names of people in your studio. It could still be useful if you build out pages for your users, which are pre-configured to leverage this CC field and show the relevant versions.

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Thanks for the clarification @bouchep.

So is there a way for me to add an ‘official’ CC: field to a version submission page in that case?

Unfortunately not. The platform’s tools’ workflows don’t support a CC-like field on the Version entity.

Have you looked at Create? It seems like it’s workflows of version submission would line up with Task/Version/Note usages you seem to be talking about.

What’s the workflow you’re trying to solve for, in tool agnostic terms?

The overall goal is to allow someone posting a version to easily include others in the ‘conversation’ so to speak, but in a more impromptu way, without having to previously set up anything.

Not everyone wants to be set as a reviewer or follow a shot or task. This is more of a ‘hey, can you take a look at this?’ thing that would be more spontaneous.

For example, you are submitting a comped version of the shot, but you want the FX/Sim artist to take a look at how their particles came out in the render. Not for every single comp version, though.

As you have helped clarify, there’s no way to add a reviewer or cc field at the same time a version is being created, which would have been the easiest ways to do this as far as I can tell.

The only way I see how to do that sort of ‘one off’ cc: is to create the version, and then have to add a note afterwards with the cc: added.

I wouldn’t have thought this to be an odd sort of capability to ask for. But I know that most projects are likely way more organized and administered than our student projects, which probably makes this type of feature less needed.