Adding task's description to the My tasks card

Hi guys,

We’re trying to use the task description to send info to artists about what they need to do on a task. It would be very handy to see the description in the task card on the left. Can this be added?



Hi Hristo!

Could you post a screenshot of the place where you’d like to see the Task description show up?

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Somewhere there on the card would be great


Not too picky though, wherever it makes sense on the card. It’s weird that when a task is clicked what opens on the right pane is not the task page but the link, and there’s a widget with the selected task on that where i managed to show the description, so there is a stopgap solution but showing it on the card would be great. Descriptions tend to be half to a dozen lines of text checklist style


There’s an option in the Site Preferences (under Advanced Options) to have the task info show up instead of the linked entity’s detail that I finally found & turned off, so that might help also:

Although we usually attach notes with detailed instructions (which means it appears in the Activity feed) rather than putting that in the description field so it might not help that much for what you’re looking to do.


Didn’t know about that one, thanks! Trying it out


Thanks for pointing that out @jlweiss! And thanks for the screenshot @Hristo_Velev, I see what you mean now. There’s currently no way to customize the cards themselves, so for the time being hopefully displaying the Task detail page rather than the linked entity detail page will give you a little more control over what you want displayed.

It’d be worth submitting your idea as a feature request so the product team can take it into account whenever they turn their attention to My Tasks.