Android app for reviewing Versions

Hi Frank, thanks for being patient. I pushed an update that should resolve the freezing issues you have reported. This update also add a standard formatted subject to the Version note, and populates the addressed to and entity links of the Version that @brandon.foster had mentioned. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if you have continuing issues or suggestions.


Thanks a lot @ralbertson, I just updated but am still seeing the freezing.
Should I “send feedback” when the app freezes? Maybe that gives you more info.

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yeah, sending the crash feedback would help narrow down the issue.

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I did, did you receive anything?

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Ryan updated the app so my freezing issue is resolved - super awesome!!!
I hereby nominate Ryan for the next pipeline award!!


Awesome stuff, @ralbertson! Thanks for hooking @frank and others up!


Would it be possible to add notifications for new notes ad new versions in the app?

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This is pretty amazing, well done @ralbertson! I’ve been playing with it a bit and it’s really snappy.

One thing I did notice is that when entering notes the keyboard on my Samsung S7 covers the note box and I can’t see the text being written or submit the new note. Is this info best shared with you in another way?

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I am loving this app! Just had to travel for a week in the middle of an important project and it was great to easily review stuff on the road.
It’d be great if the notes system could get a little more love. E.g. filter out/mark old notes, and more transparent sorting by date. I was struggling with it a little, but just the fact that I could follow versions and comment on them on the road was incredibly helpful.