Best practices: How to display deadlines & other calendar events?

Hi all…I’m just wondering what is the best way to enter one-day calendar events like deadlines and ‘client’ reviews and view them.

I am currently adding special dates as one-day Phases and then turning on the Phases & Milestones option on in the Gantt view. There they show up as a vertical black stripe in the Gantt view, with the related Phase info when I hover over the stripe.

So, is there a better way I should be doing this?
Can I change the color of the black strip to something more obvious?
If I put these Phase events in a Project Template, will they propagate to the projects created from the template? (I think yes, right?)



Hi Chad,

I think what you are doing now is the best way to show one-day calendar event. You could submit a new feature to polish it. Here is article how to submit a new feature.

The color can be changed. If you set the phase to use project color, the strip will follow project color.

The phase event can’t be save in the project template. Because the event isn’t part of setup. It is data.

Hope it is helpful.

Best Regards



Hi Chad,

We’re also working on resolving a current bug where the Phase overlays in the Gantt are always appearing as black, rather than respecting the colors you chose in the Project Timeline app.

Once that is resolved you should get the different colors in the gantt.


Thanks for the info, Loney. At least I am using the best workaround available. I’ll look into submitting a feature request. But at least this works for now. (aside from the bug mentioned below)


Thanks for the heads up on that bug, Brandon. Not a show-stopper at least.