Better PDF transcoding?

Is there a way to get a better transcoded result from PDF files? Right now they are super pixelated, like it’s only using a preview version of the PDF to do the conversion.

I know in the WebUI that it’s possible to grab the full res version, but it would be nice to not always have to do that, plus it’s a bit more complicated to do this in Shotgun Create.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for the note! Right now PDFs get transcoded into a 720p movie, which is likely a lower resolution than your uploaded PDF.

For the time being I’d recommend logging your request to the product team, instructions for which are here:

Yikes! Considering what types of imagery and text that are usually in a PDF, rasterizing text to 720p is pretty dismal. I guess I’ll be putting in that request straight away!

Thanks for the info, Brandon.

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