Changes to Toolkit App Store backend and Desktop

On Tuesday June 30th, we released some backend changes to the way Shotgun Desktop downloads updates from the Toolkit App Store. These changes were transparent to the majority of users, but caused problems for some studios. We rolled back those changes yesterday, reverting tk-config-basic from v1.3.10 back to v1.3.9, but we’re ready to release them again. We want to make sure you have the information you need to understand what’s going on and prevent disruption in your studio with the release.

The change:

Historically, when your Toolkit site configuration auto-updates, it downloads its components from the Toolkit App Store site, On Monday, we switched to uploading directly to AWS S3 cloud storage. We set up a proxy on our end,, so that clients would not be accessing S3 directly to download updates. Nevertheless, the change required studios with a firewall or proxy to modify their filters to allow downloads from or the IP addresses behind it.

The problem:

A few studios with proxies were still getting download errors when Desktop tried to update their site config, even when they added to their allow list.

The rollback:

On Wednesday July 1rst we rolled back from v1.3.10 to v1.3.9. It was the safest way to go, but it prevents us from understanding how many people are really affected negatively by the changes we made.

Moving forward:

We’re in communication with the studios that reported problems, and are locking them off on v1.3.9 in anticipation of rereleasing v1.3.10. We’ll work with these studios individually to make sure they’re configured properly to prevent future errors before bringing them back to v1.3.10.

Next steps for you:

As we release v1.3.10, in most cases, this should have no effect on your studio.

If you do get errors in Desktop like

Failed to download Toolkit App Store Config tk-config-basic v1.3.10. Error: Failed to download from '' after 5 retries. See error log for details.

do the following:

  • If your studio is filtering which sites can be accessed based on IP addresses, make sure the entire range of IPs required to download from the Tank AppStore is allowed.
  • If you are filtering which sites can be accessed based on FQDNs (for example, you need to add to your allow list.

If you make one of the above changes and still encounter issues, lock your site config off on v1.3.9 of tk-config-basic, and contact

Locking off your site config:

To lock off your site config, go to a Pipeline Configuration entity page in Shotgun.

If you already have an entity with an empty “Project” field, this is your site config. If not, create one, with the following fields populated:

Name: Primary
Project: Leave empty
Plugin ids: basic.*
Descriptor: sgtk:descriptor:app_store?name=tk-config-basic&version=v1.3.9

Once you’re locked off, please contact us at so we can help get you up and running with the v1.3.10 release.

When you’re ready to go back to auto-updating, you can just clear the Descriptor field on the pipeline configuration.

We won’t be releasing v1.3.10 this week, but barring any blockers, we do plan to release on Monday. Let us know if you have any questions. We’ve released v1.3.10 Monday 10:30pm Eastern time.

Note that you’ll need to have this setup working by August 3. Please let us know if you have any issues.


Hi everyone,
I’d like to add, if you are unable to make this change at the moment, you can disable downloads from the Toolkit App Store by setting the SHOTGUN_DISABLE_APPSTORE_ACCESS environment variable to 1. This will allow the Shotgun Desktop to start without trying to auto-update.


Hi again,
The update is once again live as of July 6th 10:30AM Eastern time. If you’re having issues, please try the steps above. Then reach to support so we know you are impacted and we can reach back to you.