Chat integrations


Email and notes are great, but usually most of our comm volume is through a self hosted (security reasons) chat. Is there any good chat integrations out there, or maybe the Shotgun team thinking about something like that?



Hey @Hristo_Velev - one of the PM has been looking into something possibly in this space. They’re on holiday till next week though, so hang tight.

In the meantime, I believe @kramester built a Slack bridge based on the Shotgun Event Daemon and posted about it on the Dev List awhile back. Maybe he could chime in here?


Slack is great, but an integration with an open source self hosted solution might fit security and budget conscious VFX studios better

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Hi @Hristo_Velev! We don’t have a direct integration on radar, although internally we’ve been playing around with tools like IFTTT and Zapier in conjunction with the upcoming webhooks feature to prototype some workflows. If you have security considerations that have driven you to an internally hosted chat solution though, those may not be applicable.

Like @johnny.duguid said, there was a posting on the dev list about an open source slack integration, which may be something you could use to integrate with a different chat system. The Shotgun side of that implementation would be reusable against another chat system as long as it offers an API similar enough to Slack.


Cool, we’ll keep an eye on this, thanks