Colaborative whiteboard

Hi guys,

Our people had the idea how cool it would be if we could have a collaborative whiteboard that we can design things in, and I’ve looked around - there are some nice solutions but most are either self hosted and too limited, or web hosted, which is a security risk. Adding a collaborative whiteboard to Shotgun would be a killer feature!



I agree with you. Our concept artists brought up a feature request that is related to this. They would like to have an easy way for creating mood boards in Shotgun.


Hey Chris, great to see you here!


Great to see you too.

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Anyone else using Flix for storyboards?

We demo’d our custom scheduling system BigBoards at Siggraph 2017 which uses the same projectors + smart pens tech.

Once upon a time I had considered integrating Flix more tightly with Shotgun, like embedding it directly in a URL widget/page. But it didn’t really go anywhere due to Flix5 auth issues and not-really-an-API. Flix6 brings a really nice REST API but no longer has a web client, although it’d be possible to write one.

Anyways, that all might be overkill. I’ve heard there might be more annotation tools coming in the SG Overlay Player? Maybe those would be enough.


Wow that looks awesome!

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