Comparing all versions of shot

Hi all! Currently it seems that it is possible to compare only versions that are assigned to same task. Is this the current limitation or is there something else that prevents me from comparing versions?

Let’s say I have two versions, one for first layout and one for first comp. One is linked to layout task, another to comp task. In Create compare versions is not activated for this case, although both versions are for the same shot. It seems as if task is the main basis for review and comparison in Create and it prevents loading other versions. If I link both versions to same task, lets say comp in this case, I can compare them as intended.


Hi Hendrik -

Yes, currently in Create, you can only see versions in the same task. This limitation is there because we wanted to get the compare workflows in before expanding to workflows that include other versions, like the one you mentioned - which are critical to people in departments like Comp.

The nexts steps as we see them are:
• Compare versions in the same shot/asset
• Compare any versions between any shot/asset

We’re currently exploring what how workflows might work in Create, so if you have any requirements or ideas you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear and incorporate them.

Sadly, I can’t put a time estimate on when these workflows will appear in Create, but we know you want them and we want to get them in there for you.



Thank you for clarification!

May I suggest to add this as a user configurable option (and a setting for default value) to choose, which versions are added in compare mode to switch between: same task, same pipeline step, same shot, any version (some kind of search functionality should be present here). Each has their own benefits for different workflows.

Also, I’d like to see an option to not use the reviewer field as a basis for review page in Create. Filling this in for every version is an overkill for some workflows. Please allow reviewing of everything if user wishes to do so. I’d suggest adding a more powerful filter to review page to sort what I see, something like SG web interface has for its pages.