"Create Shotgun Version" in Nuke Studio Shotgun Processor won't stay unchecked

Hi! Thanks a lot in advance!
When you disable the checkbox “Create Shotgun Version” in the Shotgun Transcode Images content, and save your template, it will stay disabled while Hiero/Nuke Studio is open, but once you close and re open Hiero, the checkbox will appear Enabled again , regardless of how it was saved in the template.

Tested on Nuke Studio, Hiero 11 and 12, Mac and Windows versions.


Hmm I can reproduce the same thing.
Looking at the code, and with my admittedly limited understanding of NS plugins, I believe it should be storing the state with the preset, so it’s not immediately clear why this is happening other non Shotgun settings are preserved though.

I’ll log a bug ticket. I’m sorry you ran into this!


@philip.scadding Do you know if this bug was fixed? Thanks in advance!

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Sadly, no, we’ve not got round to this one yet.
Whilst it certainly should be fixed, it’s only been reported once, so its not as high priority.