Currency Fields

Hi everyone! I was hoping to get feedback from people with regards to Currency Fields in Shotgun.

Currently we only support a dollar symbol (or nothing at all) when using currency fields, which has been something of a limitation. I’m keen to find out how people would like for these to be more flexible, specifically in terms of:

  • Which other currency types are needed?
  • Is there a need to mix currency types within your individual sites?
  • …within individual projects?
  • …within individual fields?
  • When importing from spreadsheets into a currency field, is it ok to ignore any currency symbols in those files and just look at the number?

Thanks in advance :money_mouth_face:


Hi Jack,

Not sure what the right solution is but let me illustrate some of our constraints.

  1. We have multiple projects in multiple regions and each of those projects might use a different currency and have multiple currency fields across multiple tables.
  2. Would be great if we could create a calculation field to present a user the calculation of a base currency (Dollars) translation to a target currency ( Euros) using an exchange rate field from the project entity and or some other linked field. This means supporting deep fields for calculations.
  3. In some instances it would be convenient to be able to describe the currency at the page view or via a calculation field. After all its just a float with a decorator.

Maybe this helps you.