Custom app icon not showing / overriden by Shotgun

Why is my custom app icon not showing and instead Shotgun’s Publish icon is?

My app has a “icon_256.png” in the root dir… :confused:

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Hi Ricardo,

Are you passing in the icon path via register_command?

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Ah, hmm…

I am not registering a command as my app adds callbacks to nuke and therefore does not need a menu item.

Is it possible to explicitly not create a menu item when registering a command?

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Hi Ricardo –

I took a look into this today, and it looks like that thumbnail image is hardcoded:

I like the idea of having more descriptive ones. If you want to add that as a feature request, I’d encourage you to do that on our product roadmap page. Thanks!


Thanks Tannaz!
Small thing but would be nice :slight_smile:


And it’s done! You can download the v0.3.1 of tk-multi-about and that should now display the bundle’s icon instead of the generic Toolkit icon.



Awesome! Thank you!


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