Custom threaded entities not behaving as expected

We’re using Shotgun in a new department and tracking things (like scripts) we haven’t tracked before. I set up a custom threaded entity to track these and expected notes made here to show up in the Inboxes of people addressed in the To: and CC: fields and that is NOT happening - what am I doing wrong here? is this behaving as intended?


Hi @jlweiss - sorry to say that custom threaded entities have never had Inbox support. Definitely a need to flag to the Product team via our public roadmap page though!


Yeah that’s really terrible - why would you have To & CC fields and then NOT have them show up in the Inbox like other things with those options? At the very least it would be handy to specify that’s not going to happen in the Custom Entity description so folks like me don’t waste their time. At least it’s early in the project and won’t be too painful to nuke it from orbit & start over.


Yeah sorry for the false start there. Custom Threaded Entities actually pre-date the Inbox. The To and CC fields do drive legacy email notifications, but never got factored into the Inbox spec.

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Gotcha - well I’m starting over but that does make those entities useless from our perspective.