Customize email notifications

Hello there!

I know there are a few options in the account settings for email notifications, but is there a way to customize it more?

I use the gantt display in the schedule to create a calendar of my project. But I do not want artists to get an email notification everytime I assign them a task (status is at “Waiting to start” at this point) or change the time assigned or deadline, since while I’m building the calendar these will change a lot. I would like them to receive notifications only when I change the status of their task to “Ready to start”.

Anyone know if there’s a way to do that?

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Hi @pdm !

There currently are not additional notification knobs that can be tuned outside of those which are in the site preferences, or the users own subscription settings. I’d recommend you send a list of your notifications hopes and dreams to our product team. Details here:

Thanks Brandon!