DCC plugin distribution via Toolkit


Is there any way to setup Toolkit so that a plugin can be an uploaded file in SG and downloaded to the artist machine when they launch a DCC?

Say for instance, I were to develop a plugin for remote artists to use on a project. When they launch a DCC like Max or Maya it would check a SG entity for the uploaded file containing the latest/approved plugin for their use. It would then download and install the plugin for them. Is that something the Toolkit and SG is capable of handling?


Short answer, yes.

Longer answer. You may want to look into distributed configurations.



One thing you could do is create a framework or app that contains your plugin.

Store that framework or app in Shotgun as an upload and include it in your config using a Shotgun upload descriptor. Then when your config is bootstrapped/ the use picks the project in Shotgun Desktop (if you are using a distributed config like @Ricardo_Musch suggested ) then it will download your custom App/Framework containing your plugin.

Then you would need to take over the before_app_launch.py hook and modify the environment to include your plugin that was downloaded in whatever way is correct for the software.

You would have a method in the framework or app that returned the path to the plugin payload, and you would call the method on your custom app or framework from within the hook.

For example if it was a framework it would be something like self.load_framework("my_framework").get_plugin_path().


Thanks @Ricardo_Musch and @philip.scadding. I will give this framework method a look.


I should have sent these links as well, it might help:
Developing apps
Developing frameworks


I’ve actually created a new post here:

This isn’t using the framework approach I suggested though. The before_app_launch code handles the downloading and updating itself.

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Hi Philip,

Thank you! This comes at a perfect time as I am just about to start down this road of deployment. I will give this a look and let you know if I run into any issues.

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