Deprecation of old versions of Shotgun API, RV and iOS - April 21 2020

In view of the exceptional situation around COVID-19, we have decided to postpone this deprecation to April 21st.

We announced a couple of months ago that we were standardizing the way we handle file uploads to Shotgun hosted sites. On April 21st 2020 , tools and APIs that do not support direct upload to S3 workflows won’t be able to upload content to Shotgun anymore. We believe this change will greatly benefit our users, as it will allow us to enable improvements in reliability and quality of image transcoding.

The following Shotgun tools and API are impacted by this deprecation:

* Official tools and APIs that are not listed here already support Direct Upload to S3 workflows in their current supported versions.

What will happen if I don’t update?

Uploads of attachments, thumbnails and media using non-supported versions of the tools listed above will fail. Some uploads may still continue working, depending on how old the version of the tool you are using is.

What do I need to update?

For RV and iOS, the only change required is to update the tools to at least the minimal supported version. We highly recommend to update to the latest available version, to benefit from all the latest improvements and features.

For API clients, there is a change in the contract when querying thumbnails URLs. You can read more about how to get your code ready for that change in this Shotgun Community article.


Python API Requirements:

Shotgun + RV Requirements:


Just wanted to remind everyone of this important upcoming deprecation.

Please be sure to refer to our linked documentation, to see specific implementation details.


In scope of the exceptional situation around COVID-19, we have decided to postpone this deprecation to April 21th. A reminder that this deprecation will allow us to continue to improve our client experience by improving the stability, the performance and the resiliency of the Shotgun Service. Even if the deprecation is postponed, we recommend that you update your APIs and tools as soon as possible.