Disable Version creation in Shotgun Create

I would like to disable Version creation in Shotgun Create all together and/or have some hooks for controlling how Versions are created in Shotgun.
In our studio we are adding a lot of data to our generated Versions and they are also tightly bundled in the Color-pipeline. So having artist creating Versions left and right would seriously interrupt our workflows.
Shotgun Create is a nice addition to Shotgun Toolkit and I would love to replace Shotgun Desktop with it. But without more control over it I cannot make this switch.
Are there any plans to give more control over the application?


Just a thought, could you do it by catching the event with a event deamon?

Hi Ricardo!

You have a point there. Although it feels a bit backwards to fix Versions later. Kinda misses the point of hooks and the config IMO. But good to have options :slight_smile: