Easy way to copy all Toolkit configurations from one project to another

Hi all,
we modify some configurations in one project on the SG Toolkit:
Added Cinema 4D
Changes Slate publishing Nuke
Publish camera on Maya.
Publish obj
and more…

What will be the easy way to copy all these, without modifiyng again on a Toolkit install fresh?

Copy the folder, change the roots.yml, unregister and register again, will work?

Many thanks


How do you have your configuration set up currently? Is it a distributed config or a centralized config?

If you’re using the setup wizard, it will allow you to pick a different project as the source. If you’re using distributed configs, it’s probably just as easy to copy the config, depending on how you have it set up.

Usually though you would store and track your changes to the master config in something like git, and that would be your source (separate from the project). This is good practice as you see the history of your changes and roll back if necessary.


Is centralized on a shared server folder.

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OK, so then the picking a project when running the advanced setup wizard would work for you.

However as I mentioned I think it would be better to have a config in git that you use as the source and update. Just make sure to ignore the following files when committing to git:

The same would apply if you were copying from one config to the other, just don’t copy those files, as they are specific to the project.


Ok Copy & Paste to another folder and delete these files and setup up the path on the project Shotgun, no?

Thanks Philip!


I would copy the config to another folder, delete those files, and then turn it into a git repo and push to something like GitHub.

Then in the advanced setup wizard you would pick the git option, or you could pick the path option.

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