Export project templates to a different SG site?

We are currently running two SG sites, an old legacy one and our newer one; we’re trying to transition off the old one as quickly as we can, but still have to use it for some things.

We’d like to use one of the projects off the old site as a template for a new one, but would need a way to export that project as a template that could be imported into the new site.

I see on the support site that this was discussed back in 2015 but don’t see that anything ever happened with it - is this something that can be done?



Hi @sean.murphy,

Thanks for the query! As it stands, the Shotgun Support team is able to do a complete site copy from one site to another, but we can’t break it down into parts, such as an individual project copy. This full site copy will overwrite any existing data/media/settings/preferences on the “receiving” site.

If you want a single Project copied over, you would have to manually recreate the Project template on the new site. Once that Project is recreated, you can export data from the old Project/site and import it into the new Project/site.

There have been internal discussions about the ability to copy individual projects between sites, but nothing has been scheduled at this time.