Exporting QTs from flame - would like to have links automatically assigned to the new version in shotgun

Hi there,

When I export Quicktimes from Flame, I get a window with the option to publish the quicktimes to shotgun. There is a window for “description” but no place to add in a link to a shot. I’d like to see if this could be added to the flame publish window, or if it could be automated. The QTs have the shot name in the file name: 101_004_050_v022.mov, for example. I would love to have a link to a shot of the same name automatically applied when this is logged into the Shotgun media tab.

Any suggestions?




Hi Andy,

I have done some similar things like this with the tk-flame-export app. In general I try to avoid taking full control over apps, but in this case that’s what I did since we had some specific things that we wanted to change.

To point you in the right direction, check out this part:

This is where the context for the batch publish is setup, if it does not give you what you need by default, you can do changes here.



Hey Andy! Sorry for the delay on this one! We’re running your question by our resident Flame experts to get you the info you need. I’ll report back when I have more.

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Hello Andy,

Really sorry for the delay in getting back to you, the automatic application of the shot name would definitely require some customization but for you to be able to link an exported quicktime from Flame as a version to a shot or a Task you can take over the config and modify the collector.py hook to set the

“item.context_change_allowed = True”

on lines 298 and 349. It is set to False by default.

Once you do that you should be able to something similar to the screenshot below :-

Let me know if that helps, if you need any assistance in taking over the configuration to modify it please let me know .