Gantt view: Project Timeline colored milestone not anymore


It was very useful to view colored Phases and Milestones on the Gantt view from the Project Timeline, but since several Shotgun releases ago all of them are displayed black.

Am I the only one missing the colors?
Why did the colors go away? Will they return?

Perhaps it could be a site preference setting whether to display them black or using their color.



Hi @doc! Thanks for mentioning this. Someone had posted about this a little bit ago as well, here. This is a bug you’ve discovered. The lines are black which makes it extra hard to read in dark theme and easier to read in light theme, but they will still be black until the bug is fixed up.


Hi @shaynad,
Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t use the right keywords when I did the search :slight_smile:

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No worries at all! Between the two posts, we should be covered now.

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