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Is there a way to create a page that lists entities from multiple projects?

I have a project called Media Requests for which I have created a custom non-project entity called an “Art Request”. These come from all over our company into the Art department for every project we do and they are moslty one-offs.

Currently I have them all organized into the one project so that I can manage them all in one place, but it would be really great to be able to link them out to specific projects so that there is visibility both from within the project but also from a global dashboard page.

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Hi @Jessica_Westbrook,

Thanks for Posting!

It’s something we could do with a non-project entity + saved page filter, and a global page.

Currently you have all Art Requests in one project, so follow the steps below:

  • Specify Art Requests to projects they are supposed to be

  • Go to the Art Request non-project entity page in each project and add the following Saved Filter

  • Go to Design Mode of the Art Request page of any project and then Save Page as, you will see the following dialog, remove the project value before you Create Page, this way you create a Global Page.

  • When it lands you on that global page, go to Design Mode of the global page, to configure it from a private global page to a shared one

  • At last, remove the Saved Filter on the Global Page to show all Art Requests from all projects, which makes the current page a global dashboard page.

Here is what you could see:

Hope I made myself understood.

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