How can I keep the filter panel from loading after every selection?

Filter Panel: Multiple selections, one query

The Filter Panel is an amazingly powerful tool that allows you to zero in on information you need to find within a page with lots of results. It can take a while to to find what you need if you wait for new results to appear after every filter option is clicked. Luckily, there is a better way!

By holding the Command key (OSX) or Ctrl key (Windows/Linux) and clicking different filter options on and off, the query will not run (and therefore not refresh the page) until the key is released. This allows you to build a more complex set of filters in one set of mouse-clicks, and Shotgun will return one set of results.



I remember when I learned this trick in Production - total lifesaver! :heart_eyes:


One of my personal favourites! The time this has saved me over the years :slight_smile: