How do I help client users keep track of their review lists?

Is there any way for a client user to easily track the review sites they’ve been assigned to? We’re running into an issue where we update/reuse playlists, and clients want to be able to go back and view things on the review site, but they are hard to find by digging through emails, etc. We realized recently that we can’t send out a digest with links because they are individualized per client user. We keep recommending the clients bookmark the sites but we can’t control their behavior which is really annoying. Would turning off the login requirement make the links to the review sites generic and shareable? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks.


Hey there @jlweiss! No, there isn’t a way to have a digest or shared playlist client portal.

Under the hood, playlist shares are tied to an email address and :shotgun: generates a unique URL when you click share. By not requiring login, you’d reduce the overhead of your client needing to remember a password but they’d still need the URL.

Currently, the best bet is to reshare the playlist to the client again to pop it up in their email inbox.

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