How do I submit an idea or feature request?

If you’ve got an idea or need for a feature, you can submit it directly to our product team over on our public roadmap .

When you submit an idea, your feedback is delivered to our product team and the product owner of that area of Shotgun will review and determine next steps. The best ideas are the ones that explain why this would be useful in your workflow and how you would use it. This helps the product team to understand if there is a need to be filled.

While the roadmap is the best place to submit an idea, it’s not a place for open discussion. If you’d like to have a conversation about your idea with the community, you’re welcome to post about it here and tag it #feature.

We’ll be keeping an eye on feature discussion within the forum and escalate trending topics to product as well, but submitting it to the public roadmap is step one.


We’re always looking at our idea submission flow and welcome feedback on how we could improve it. Feel free to post in this thread or start a new one in #meta.

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Hey Johnny! Since you asked, I do have some feedback. :smile:

It looks like when I’m not signed in, there actually isn’t an option to sign in at all. The only way I can sign in is by either making a new request or registering my interest on another existing one.

Also, there’s no way to see a record of the ideas I’ve submitted until they get added to “Considering”. (because of this I think I’ve accidentally submitted the same idea twice)

And lastly, there’s no way to remove a comment/vote on ideas. I placed a comment on one before I realised it was about Shotgun Create. My comment is now a little off topic, so I’d rather remove or edit it at this point.

Edit: And lastly lastly, is there a way to pin this thread? I find myself losing where it is relatively often.