How to fix Chrome protocol handler "Always open these types of links" pop up when opening RV through rvlink

Hi after Chrome version 77, the checkbox to always open RV when opening rvlinks is missing, making it very annoying everytime you click Play on RV as Chrome asks for confirmation, after Chrome version 79 there is a special policy (ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox) that you can enable to get the checkbox back, this example is for Linux, but you can follow the same approach for win and mac.

Create the folders needed.
mkdir -p /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/

Create an empty Json file
touch /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/managed_policies.json

In this Json file, put the following content:

“ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox”: true

That’s it! Start Chrome the checkbox should be there.

NOTE: For Chrome versions 77 and 78 there is a workaround, directly add the rvlink protocol handler as an excluded scheme in the Preferences file in ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences

Like this:


Thanks for sharing this tip, @macbeth—it’ll end up helping others! :smiley:

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Thanks so much! This started popping up for us at the end of last year and we thought we’d have to swap browsers because of it.

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