How to fix Chrome protocol handler "Always open these types of links" pop up when opening RV through rvlink

Wow…! Ain’t technology grand? Thanks for sussing that out, @frank! It’s pretty windy here in Colorado today…what that your sigh of relief?

@macbeth—I updated your original post and added a note just in case the " issue remains. Thanks for the heads up and due diligence of coming back to update the thread!

it’s pretty windy here in Colorado today…was that your sigh of relief?

For sure


Hi guys! Today I had the need to do this on a Mac OSX system (A new machine for the review room)
The process is not as straightforward as in linux, but you end up with a .mobileconfig file that you can just double click to install and that’s it, similar to the .reg files on windows.

Here is the mentioned file for you to download and ready to use: (1.2 KB)

Instructions to make this file:


Thanks, @macbeth! I added a link to your MacOS details reply to your original post. :smiley: