How to use RVIO with your included RV license

Did you know that you can use RVIO with your RV license without a separate RVIO license?

There’s one major caveat, it must be a subprocess of an actively licensed interactive RV session.

This is useful for things like custom exporters from RV or if you want to make an embedded tool in RV that uses RVIO; it doesn’t even need to work on things in your current RV session!

All you need to do is:

  1. Call commands.rvioSetup()
  2. Immediately after calling commands.rvioSetup(), subprocess your RVIO command (for instance, with the subprocess module in Python).

This doesn’t cover cases like running RVIO on a machine where someone isn’t directly running RV, such as a render farm. If you make use of this already, please give this thread a shout with what you’ve made to inspire others!