Image in RV is much lower Res than Media Web

Is there a reason why the image in desktop RV is much lower res than it on the Media web ?


Hello He, this sounds like something is not working correctly. Typically the opposite would be true, as transcoded media is down-res’d for web playback, but RV plays back at the native resolution of whatever media you load in there. If you are streaming web media in RV, it should be the same resolution as the web playback, but I’d still expect RV to look better in most any situation.

If you have specific examples of media that doesn’t seem to be rendering correctly in RV, please share it with our support team if at all possible, and we can dig into what may be going wrong. If it happens with any media and you are OK to post a public example here for further discussion, so much the better!


As you can see from the image attached, it happens on any image really. This image is published via Photoshop, but this also happens if you publish via stondlone Publishing Tool.


I think we hit this as well. Unlike the web overlay player - for still images RV will read a single frame transcoded mp4 clamped to 720p, whereas the web player will read a 2k jpg conversion of the psd. I would suggest what you really want is to see the original PSD in rv, but by default I don’t think the photoshop publisher populates the Path to Movie or Path to Frames field on the Version. It makes out-of-the box reviewal of photoshop published content in RV a bit of a no-go


Yes, I agree, I think the default publishing should Populates the Path to Movie or Path to Frame to the version that has been published on the server. That would be really useful.


Ah ok, this appears to be an issue specific to still images. Thanks for clarifying! Will investigate further on our end, but I think @luke is right, RV is not reading the field where the 2k image is stored.

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Hi Sun,

RV is falling back to the movie file that is transcoded when you upload your image. For still images, there is a bit of a disconnect it seems.

If your still images exist in a shared network drive, you can point your sg_path_to_frames at the path to the image, and RV will pick that up as local media. If you want to swap between the online media and local media, you can use Shotgun>Swap Media>Play Frames.

If you are looking to keep your media purely read from the Shotgun web, Screening Room for RV will need to be updated to support this. When the RV streaming support was added, it appears that there was not enough consideration given to single-frame image sequences, which are handled differently in the web.

Do you have these images stored in network drive that is accessible to your artists using RV?


No, I don’t, artist upload them from where they locally work. I think it should be a feature, when you publish via photoshop, sg_path_to_frames should link to pulished version from server anyway, since the publisher publish the psd file to the server.