Hello Folks.

My name is Satish Goda and I am a Pipeline Engineer/Department Technical Director at Pearl Studio LLC in Los Angeles. I have spent 8 years at Rhythm & Hues Asia in various roles (Pipeline, Education, Production R&D and Software Engineering) and 4 years at Pearl Studio Shanghai (previously Oriental Dreamworks) as a Department Technical Director.

I have been living and breathing Toolkit since 2017 and I love it. I (and my colleague Rudy Cortes) have had the pleasure of working with Manne and Josh on a Digi Pro’18 paper on using Toolkit for cloud based collaboration (

I am excited to take Toolkit integration to the next level in 2020 by learning from the amazing community and also by sharing.


Department TD/Pipeline on “Over The Moon”


Hi, Satish! Good to see your face :smiley:


Hi all,
I’ll be helping my current employer with their shotgun setup so I thought today would be a fantastic day to say hello to everyone. I’ve seen many familiar names in this forum :slight_smile: . I started my career as a 3D Generalist and eventually transitioned to pipeline & infrastructure supervision, technical direction and software engineering.

Adam Chrystie


Hey Adam-long time no see! Hope all is well. :smile:

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Thanks @johnny.duguid ! Yup, no complaints. Hope all is well with you and the family. I’ll be on the lookout for you at the next industry events I attend.


:+1: Nice to see you are keeping slightly busy :wink:


Welcome, Adam!



My name is Naren (Narendra Kumar Vadapalli), Sr Pipeline TD working at Bardel Entertainment Inc (Vancouver). Even though I was in the Animation/VFX industry for almost 8 years now, didn’t get a chance to work with Shotgun directly. My first interaction with Shotgun happened in my current role and I can see few exciting opportunities for it to be integrated in to the pipeline ! I am looking forward to the webhooks too !



Howdy! Alfredo from Puerto Rico, VFX Coordinator at Reaktor Post, a pleasure to e-greet you.

Started in the architectural pre-viz world with 3ds4/Autocad R12. Freelanced as VFX Generalist/Animator for quite a number of years, and this is my first time doing department coordination at a post studio, working on films, series and advertising. The studio needed a good coordination/client review tool and clearly SG made the mark. Can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed learning Flame+Shotgun, and lets not forget the amazing Shotgun support team!

In my spare time I enjoy racing radio controlled nitro boats and now custom speed drones.


Hi Naren,
Welcome to the community!


Hi Alfredo,
Nitro boats and custom speed drones. That’ll be easy to remember :slight_smile:


Naren! Good to see you here! :blush:


Good to see you on here Adam.


Hi everyone :wave:, I’m Umberto, helping with all things experience based out of London. I’m working hard with the rest of the team of designers, engineers, managers, street, rangers, marketing etc to make Shotgun an increasingly better experience, so you can focus on the awesome work we all love and not the tech. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to write to me, I’d love to hear from you!

Also if you are open to having some of us around to learn how you work at your studio, and observe what’s in the way of your full creative potential, I’d be delighted to organise some visits and get to know some of you in person. That will help us make better solutions for you. Perhaps we may ask some questions when we’ll bring you coffee. How does that sound?




Hi everyone :wave:t2: I’m Rachel, Marketing Manager here at Shotgun.

I’ve been with the :shotgun: Team for 7+ years and dabbled in many roles spanning across marketing, community, product, and project management. One thing that has remained the same, despite my day to day focus, is that I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Shotgun community. I’m so excited we’re taking things up a notch and have launched our new forums! :clap:t2:

I live in sunny California :sun_with_face: and outside of work I’m usually fiddling with my plants :seedling: or adventuring with my pup. :dog:

Can’t wait to see the awesomeness that transpires here. Let’s do this!


Hi everyone, I’m Hannah, an experience design (UX) researcher for Shotgun. I’m based in our London, UK office. My focus is to understand how Shotgun is used, and how it fits into the jobs and tasks that you do in your roles.

For those that may be wondering what on earth a UX researcher is: UX research aims to add context and insights that can be used to inform the experiences we have with products. You will see some of the teams inviting you to join us in research feedback sessions. We’d love to speak with you :slightly_smiling_face:

Outside of work you can find me gardening, dog walking, sampling wine (someone has to!) and generally spending time out in the countryside.

Looking forward to getting to know the Shotgun Community


Hi Hannah! I am very interested to hear what the UX team has in store for shotgun. I am a production coordinator at Sledgehammer Games, and working in the studio to embrace shotgun as an art productivity platform. As I dig into the capabilities, I have a few ideas for what could make the interface a bit less intimidating for non-producer types. I think font size adjust-ability would be my number 1 - being able to set larger fonts here and there could create more scan-able pages and help divide large pages of information into easier to digest chunks.


the other thing that would be fun to see would be some sort of fanfare when an artist submits a version or a reviewer marks a work as approved - a chime or a graphic, a little audio-visual reward for a job well done.


Hi Sam!

Thank you for joining and participating with us.

While you wait for Hannah to get back, I thought I’d let you know that there’s also a thread here about some common adoption blockers. As you run across adoption challenges, please feel free to share there as well!


Hey Sam, thanks for posting! My UX team colleague @flord is looking at this area in more detail. We’d love to have a chat with you if you had some time? Just let us know :slight_smile: