amazing lead, thank you!


Welcome to the community Naren! :wave:t2:


Hello, I run the game design/production program at Drexel Univ in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

I also coordinate the digital media department senior project, where I heard about Shotgun from the animation/vfx side. Now I want to introduce it to all senior projects as another tool in their kit.

Before academia, I was a creative lead for a motion simulation company that did aerospace training/sim and entertainment (think theme parks and museums). Human centrifuges, altitude chambers, ejection seat trainers, etc.

I’m generally an idiot and am a lifelong Cubs fan, born and raised in Chicago. Only two of those three things are related.


Hi I’m Charles!

I worked for different compagnies ( VFX, movies, series ) as a pipeline TD in paris and montreal.
I share with you my github repo:

And this one to have a schema db sg graphicaly:

I’m looking for a job in Paris or Canada

my resume :

Best regards.


Hi everyone! I am Eric, a Montreal-based software developer in the Shotgun team. I work on SG Create as well as on RV. In both cases, I am reponsible for the rendering engines (RV’s rendering graph + SG Create’s Player).

Before joining the great Shotgun team about 3 years ago, I’ve worked for 12+ years in the (also amazing) Flame team, more specifically in the Batch rendering pipeline.

I look forward to meet people from the community and learn from them!




Hello dear readers/contributors/clients/colleagues,

I’m Patrick, one of the many Autodesk software developers trying our hardest to make Shotgun the best product on the market (as an employee, I am actually paid to say that :slight_smile: )

I have been working on Shotgun for the last 5 years. I do contribute to web application, RV and the Toolkit… focusing on server side work. But I am also involved with the SSO integration and links to Autodesk services.

Looking forward to helping out !



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Hi Charles! Just wanted to mention that we have a jobs tag for posts related to job search. You may want to create a separate post with your job-search info and add the jobs tag to get the right eyes on it.

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Hi everyone!

I’m Astrid and I’ve been at Shotgun for 7 years and I’m the Shotgun APAC Program Manager. Before Shotgun, I worked in VFX and animation production as a coordinator and a general 3D artist. I love helping our clients work on their incredible projects and help make their lives easier!

I’m also a published author and have been on leave for the past 6 months to promote my debut Young Adult fantasy novel, Four Dead Queens. If you’re interested, you can check out more here, including my next novel!: website

I’m so happy to be back and rejoin this amazing community!



YAY! Astrid’s back!


Hello All,
I am Anoop, currently working as Pipeline Supervisor at Tau Films, a visual effects studio with offices in Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Beijing. I am also an XR enthusiast.
Before Tau Films, I was associated with Dreamworks Animation as well as Rhythm and Hues Studios.
At Tau Films, I have been spearheading our studio pipeline development based on Shotgun since 2015 and recently won the Pipeline shotty award for the slack integration that we did for our studio, along with my colleague Kushagra Mehta.

Looking forward to learning and sharing more with you all.


Hey Anoop! So nice to see you here! :blush:

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Welcome @aka_anoop ! Congratulations on the shotty_award :smile:



I am Brian Kirchdoerfer, Senior CG Artist at WarnerMedia Studios (formerly Turner Studios) in Atlanta, GA, USA. I have been working there since 2002. We first used Shotgun in 2012 when we worked on episodic VFX for two concurrent shows. After those wrapped we stopped using Shotgun until late last year. In addition to acting as a CG Lead on various projects, I have a keen interest in improving our pipeline and workflow. I am thrilled to be using SG again and getting out of the spreadsheet dark ages.

Since we service a variety of network partners (clients) in the WarnerMedia landscape, we work on a very broad range of projects. My focus is mostly on sports broadcast packaging, which generates an immense amount of animation and composite deliverables. We are in the process of getting SG implemented for those sports projects and also spreading it out to other project types.
I look forward to learning more from this community about how best to utilize SG for our needs.



Hi, Brian! Nice to see you again. :wave: