Latest Shotgun Create release notes (Build #2019.10.018 - October 7, 2019)

New build of Create available !

Build #2019.10.018 - October 7, 2019


  • [Thumbnails] Filmstrips are now integrated in Create and have a new algorithm that prioritizes frames with annotations. This means you always see the most important frames when you scrub directly in the image thumbnail everywhere in the application. [VMR-1473]
  • [Audio] Audio can be heard on scrub. [VMR-505]
  • [Screen Capture] Better feedback to user in the screen capture UI. A countdown and a red pulse have been added. [VMR-2365]
  • [Annotations] Performance improvement during playback on frames with annotations. [SGC-1289]

Fixed bugs

  • [File sequence] On Mac, file sequences are now loading properly. [VMR-2598]
  • [Annotations] Toggling Hold/Ghost settings doesn’t stop the playback anymore. [VMR-2675]
  • [Task view] Info panel UI is not crashing anymore when it needs to display fields using a checkbox. [VMR-2538]

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“Audio can be heard on scrub” has resulted in at least one person on my team doing the full Carlton dance. Woo-hoo! :businesscat:


Shotgun Create’s got me all…