Mismatch between Version Status choice in SG Create and Shotgun Website

First off, Shotgun Create seems awesome, ou artists are really excited to get a nice and simple UI for submitting and reviewing medias.

I have a problem with Version status choices in “My Reviews” page:
On the website, I setuped the possible status on versions with those choices. “Retake” is a custom status I created.

On Shotgun Creates, the user assigned as “reviewer” for those tasks can’t set the version status as “Retake” or “N/A”:

Same problem goes with the Global task Status.

Available choices on Shotgun Website:

Available choices on SG Create:

I don’t want to add more steps to status modifications: idealy, in my configuration, reviewer should be able to pick any of the possible status setuped on the website from SG Create.

Is there anything to do to get the whole status lists?

Also, SG Create seems to list status differently than the website (‘Upcoming’, ‘Active’, ‘Done’, etc). How cna I set my “Retake” created Status as 'Active"?

PS: Is there a way to reoad the whole sgtk config, like the “Reload Engine and Apps” button in DCC Integration?
Right now, everytime I need to test changes to the config, I need to restart SG Create.


Hi benwall!

I believe what you’re trying to do can be done through the ‘Manage Apps’ menu of your Shotgun site. From that menu, open the Shotgun Create settings and click the ‘Organize Statuses’ tab.

This doc does a good job at explaining how to setup your custom statuses for use in Create:

I’m not sure about the sgtk reload button, I’ll ask the team about it! :slight_smile:


Hi mferds,

Thanks for your quick answer!

Ok, I thought SG Create would automatically change it’s setup depending on the website config. If I understand correctly, any status listed as “uncategorized” in this setting page would not be shown on SG Create?

I tried your solution in Configure Shotgun Create, organized my “Retake” status as “Active” and “N/A” as “Upcoming” and checked the “My reviews” version status… But if I close the option window and reload the manage_apps page, the settings are reseted. How can I save them?

(Edit: I’m using Chrome 64bits v78.0.3904.97 on this shotgun website: https://superprodartdev.shotgunstudio.com/ )


Hi @benwall,
Thanks for reporting this problem. We have identified the root cause as being a change introduced in SG 6.7 which prevents hidden prefs to be modified by non SG Admin users. The Create settings are still (wrongly) persisted as hidden preferences. A bug has been logged SG-14607. In the meantime, the workaround is to have these preferences modified by a SG Admin.
Sorry for the inconvenience and again thank you for your feedback!


Hi Champal,
I actually am the admin of my SG website.

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Hi benwall,
The SG Admin is a specific user, different from a site admin.
Please ask help from your street rep to use the SG Admin user to enable the option which allows site admins to modify hidden prefs.
Sorry for the inconvenience, a fix is in progress to address this issue and should be available very soon.

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