Need "refresh" option

SC feels like it’s an app that should be open all the time, so a “refresh” option would be handy. Currently I have to pop into “My Reviews” and back to get a refresh, e.g. after changing a task status in SG.

Or am I missing something?



Hi @frank

Shotgun Create have a mechanism that refresh automatically in the background periodically.

The general rule is that you can expect everything you see on screen to be accurate and refreshed really often ( most of the times every 30 seconds ).

When you change sections in My Task/My Review or go inside of the Task View, every data get “invalidated” and re-fetched as soon as possible. If this is not enough for you, F5 should do what you want. You might not have visual feedback of things getting pulled from Shotgun if nothing is different on what get presented to you.


I agree with Kerby, we’ve heard confusion about this a lot so I feel like it’d be great to add an affordance like you get in other apps like “last updated 3m ago” and a force refresh.


Be aware that if you use F5 to refresh, it completely invalidate the cache done by the application which can result in a general slowdown while data is cached again.

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Thanks @geffrak, @dennis and @lampronf for the additional info.
Good to know the data is automatically refreshed, and I like @dennis’ suggestion to have some info about the age of the current cache.
I did not know about F5, will give that a go next time.