Nuke 12 Shotgun integration

Hey Guys!,
I saw that Nuke 12 dropped today, and I was wondering if there were any foreseen issues with nuke12 and the current tk-nuke toolkit, I saw they updated to QT5’s latest release, and was wondering when/if updates would be needed to the current tk-nuke and corresponding apps to support the changes in nuke 12? and if changes are required when a new tk-nuke might be available?


Hey Ross! Welcome to the forums!

Funny you should mention this – it was the talk of the morning within the Toolkit team as well! We haven’t had a chance to test out our integrations with Nuke 12 just yet, but we’ll keep this thread posted if there are any interesting updates.

As a reminder, we’ll always post the officially supported software versions here (and at the top of the page as well), and if you click through on that header, the linked page includes release notes for the engine.