Publish Plugin default check state

A question I have seen asked in support a few times is how can you have a publish plugin or item unchecked by default in the publish2 app?


The default check state of a plugin is set in the accept method of the plugin:

You can take over the publish plugin hook, inherit from the base, and implement just the accept method:

Create a publish hook in your .../config/hooks/tk-multi-publish/

import sgtk

HookBaseClass = sgtk.get_hook_baseclass()

class UploadVersionPlugin(HookBaseClass):
    def accept(self, settings, item):
        # get the base settings
        settings = super(UploadVersionPlugin, self).accept(settings, item)
        # set the default checked state
        settings["checked"] = False
        return settings

And then in your .../config/env/includes/settings/tk-multi-publish2.yml you would set the plugin hook inheritance to be:

hook: "{self}/{config}/tk-multi-publish2/"


For a collected item, you need to set the PublishItem.checked at collection time.
Here is an example where I am by default setting the item collected by the standalone publisher to unchecked

import sgtk

HookBaseClass = sgtk.get_hook_baseclass()

class BasicSceneCollector(HookBaseClass):

    def process_file(self, settings, parent_item, path):
        item = super(BasicSceneCollector, self).process_file(settings, parent_item, path)
        item.checked = False
        return item

And the setting would then look like this, asuming I saved my hook to .../config/hooks/tk-multi-publish2/

collector: "{self}/{config}/tk-multi-publish2/"