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I’m looking to try to automate some of my workflow. We’re using toolkit so I am publishing our project files as we go(After Effects) as well as the preview files. I’m not quite up to the Shotgun back end yet but trying to learn. In the meantime I was going to try to export a CSV or other piece of data to then feed into an AE script to handle some steps. However, I can’t seem to locate where the path to the published work file is in Shotgun. I’ve looked all around in the Tasks but can only find paths to movie files.



If you click on “Published Files” in a project you will see all published files:

If you want to see them from a Task page, you can go in to Design Mode and add a new tab with the type set to Published Files like this:


Is that what you were looking for?



Yes, that’s helpful. Is there any way to query the latest version published for certain file types and have that show up in the Shots page?

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You could add a custom field to the Shot entity and have that display the latest publish, something like this:


I think I got it working. One last question hopefully. In the tooltip it show the full path. But when I export to CSV or show the other Path options I can’t get it to show anything but the path starting with the SG project. Am I doing something wrong in my settings?

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Hi Byron

I think this is because the path is dynamically built. It takes the storage root and combines it with the relative path to make the full path in the Tooltip. I think this requires the Desktop browser integration for this to work. For example, if you close SG Desktop then it won’t be able to resolve the path in the tooltip.
I don’t know the export functionality all that well, but I would assume it doesn’t interface with the browser integration when exporting.
I will check with our team though.