Published texture UDMIs from Mari not showing in "Publishes" inside of Loader

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Hey Viet,

Are you getting the tif showing up at all under the textures/image?

It looks like there might be a different hook for Maya 2015+ for loading UDIMs, besides texture_node and image_plane.

Would you mind replacing the texture_node with udim_texture_node? This is what I have in my loader config:

# maya
    Alembic Cache: [reference, import]
    Image: [texture_node, image_plane]
    Maya Scene: [reference, import]
    Photoshop Image: [texture_node, image_plane]
    Rendered Image: [texture_node, image_plane]
    Texture: [texture_node, image_plane]
    UDIM Image: [udim_texture_node, image_plane]

Do you have any custom actions that might be overriding the default ones?



Hi Alexa! thanks for the help. And it works now. But regarding your question about custom actions. I cannot tell 100%, but right now, everything should be the default setting after I created the Advanced project setup. Since I don’t know much about setting up things, may I ask what could cause this? Should it be already there as a default? Maybe I did something wrong without knowing.