Publishing Multiple Formats in one go

I am customizing Maya Publish to publish cameras on the lines of the SG webinar of customizing publish workflow. Requirement is to publish camera in .fbx, .ma and alembic cache all 3 together. Please let know the legit way, so on SG we get 3 notifications (1 for each format)


Hi Ankur

Yes that should be totally doable.
I don’t know if you’ve seen this but we have a tutorial that covers setting up camera publishing.
As for exporting three different formats for the camera, you have at least a couple of options, you could:

  • Do it all in one publish plugin, where you export and publish three different outputs.
  • Create one plugin, with a setting (for example export_type), and define it three times in the publish app settings, each with a different value for the export_type setting. Then in your plugin code you could do a different export depending on the export_type value of the plugin instance.