Publishing only against Tasks

Imagine only publishing against task contexts.

Much of the config is entity then entity_step

If one were only publishing and versioning against tasks could much of the config related to entity be omitted in favor of always (and only) configuring for entity_step?

Thank you


Hi @Ron_Fischer,

The Shot and Asset env’s are a little “vestigial” compared to the shot_step and asset_step environments, you could probably remove them and not have any issues, as by default there are not any settings for publishing in a shot or asset env.

I would leave Project and Sequence in there thou, things like NukeStudio like them among others.

Is it just a less cluttered config you are after?

Hi @DavidMason,

Sure, you’ve got the idea; less cluttered.

Overall there’s a large amount of necessary repetition in the SGTK config files. But its a bit hard to tell whether that is structural vs exemplary, i.e. we really need some things defined on this entity, versus here’s a friendly placeholder for you. IOW the SGTK configuration is a bit fussy to setup.

Part of the inspiration for the question came from a plugin the Head of Engineering at Fox VFX Lab (Alejandro Arango) configured. It was a great example of minimizing what one needs to bother with.

Your casual reply seems a good confirmation :slight_smile: