Qt-less Engine for publishing


I’m running into some issues getting my tk-mutlipublish2 apps running in an environment without a Qt installation. Is it possible to start a publisher with a qt-less engine? I thought perhaps tk-shell would work but it still requires a qt installation.

Is there a way around this? I’m trying to set up a publisher that doesn’t rely on the user interface.



Hi @StarkRavenSimone!
Yeah, you should be able to use the Publish API without the UI, but we did discover a bug where it would attempt to use the UI when it shouldn’t, however we fixed that in the most recent version that just went out.

At what point is it saying you need the UI?
It’s possible there might be another case where it’s unintentionally expecting a UI.


In publish_plugin_instance.py line 161.
It does a check to see if the current engine has a UI.
If that’s false, it tries to import QtCore.

Why would it try to import QtCore if there isn’t supposed to be a UI?

In order to get it to work (and I’m using tk-shotgun engine) I have to basically tell the engine it does have a UI in order to get it to work.

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Oh, shoot, you’re totally right :woman_facepalming:t4:. We just fixed that exact error further down in the file (you can see the whole story in this thread), but it looks like we missed that one.

I’ve put in an internal bug ticket and it should be a very quick fix. We’ll report back when it’s out. So sorry about that!

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no worries. my workaround works just fine.


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Hiya – Just wanted to let you know that this has been fixed. You can get the fix in v2.5.1+ of tk-multi-publish2. Let us know if you hit any other snags!