Release: shotgunDropper for Hiero

Happy Monday all! :slight_smile:

Christmas comes early as I’ve just released v0.2 of my Hiero shotgunDropper app.


  • Can drop individual versions from Shotgun into Hiero (currently puts these in a “versionBin”. The name of this bin can be changed through a Shotgun config)
  • Can drop Playlists from Shotgun into Hiero, will create a bin with the playlist name
  • Currently prefers sg_path_to_frames over sg_path_to_movie (will add a configuration setting so you can override this in the future)

Planned features:

  • Update Playlist clips and prevent duplicating exisiting clips
  • Drop Shot into Hiero
  • Tag clips with Shotgun Status (also have to create a callback for refreshing the status tag)
  • Some way to get notes into Hiero

Any more ideas are appreciated!

Installation instructions:
These are provided in the README on Github.
This is a dropData callback so no app menu will show up in the Shotgun menu,
it just awaits dropped data and then checks if the dropped data includes the Shotgun URL of your Shotgun site, then it proceeds to do magic.

Helping out
If you are good at Hiero coding and would like to help out, please send me a message and lets make this awesome! :slight_smile:
(or send a pull request)

Thanks to Frank Rueter for the original Nuke shotgunDropper idea! :slight_smile:


Ha, nice to see this is still getting some use.


I wouldnt know what to do without! It’s a no brainer!

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@Ricardo_Musch this is awesome and you are awesome! Thanks for sharing! :rocket:


Hey Ricardo, looks great! I had a thought, do you think this could work inside the Shotgun Panel? Just wondering if it could remove the browser from the equation?


Hey David,

maybe, but it would need almost all functionality that the website offers to be usefull for an editorial department.
They need to be able to see the fields and edit these and quickly load a specific version from a playlist, shot or asset.

I havent actually looked at the Shotgun Panel in a while, I will try and do that soon to see if that might be usefull! :slight_smile:


@DavidMason, as long as the Shotgun Panel sends required info (e.g. the respective version id) via the dragged object’s mime data it can be processed in Nuke/Hiero on drop.

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Ah, Frank I understood something else here.

Yeah if the Shotgunpanel could do dragged stuff that would work too.

I just think that we all already use the browser and this is a perfect way to integrate functions, I think every app has a dropdata system these days.

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I know there is a function to add a path to the bin in hiero/studio that you can use already, as for drag and drop, I’m not sure.

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Honestly, having used the panel for a bit I think at the moment it wouldn’t be very functional from a VFX Editorial perspective.

They usually have a few tab open with playlists, shots, sequences etc.

Being able to grab a version, playlist etc and just drag and drop it into the app seems quicker than whatever I could build into the panel.

They also usually need to edit fields etc, all that functgionality is currently not present in the loader and I don’t see why it should be if we have the website. :slight_smile:

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No probs, thanks for humouring me :slight_smile: totally makes sense what you have said.

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