RV 7.9 begins path towards deprecation of ‘Shotgun Review for RV’

With the release of RV 7.9, we’re starting to migrate users off ‘Shotgun Review for RV’, as we plan to deprecate ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ in the next release.

This will be the only opportunity to ensure your workflows successfully transfer before the deprecation happens in the next release of RV.

The good news is we’re relocating the key workflows in ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ (Cuts, Cut Ingest, and the Python Console) to other parts of the review ecosystem, so teams can successfully continue to use the workflows they’re accustomed to.

To help ensure a successful migration, we’re inviting current users of ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ to test and transition to the new arrangement (Note: Both RV 7.9 and Shotgun 8.16 (released August 18th) are required).

If your studio is a current user of ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ and are interested in testing the new arrangement, please reach out to our support team at support@shotgunsoftware.com and we’ll be happy to help get you going.

As part of this deprecation of ‘Shotgun Review for RV’ and the migration of the workflows, the ‘SG Review package’ in RV will not get a Python 3 port.


Hi Warren,

Does this refer to “open in RV” feature from media or version for example? Is this what will be deprecate?
What will be the default reviewing workflow from web interface then?

I’m asking because since RV 2021.0.0, open in RV stop working with our setup. But on the other hand, screening room works perfectly.


Hello Kevin,

The SG Review deprecation only refers to the SG Review python based package that was available in RV. With the aim of keeping things simple, we have decided to converge to a unique workflow based around screening room.

This means that the YES option for the ‘Shotgun Site Pref/Shotgun Review/Enable Shotgun Review for RV’ is now deprecated. NO is the way to go for this option now: which means screening room is used both in RV and on the web.

The ‘Play in RV’ option when you right-click from Shotgun/Media should still work in RV 2021.0.0.
If it has stopped working for you then this is a bug for sure. Please let us know how we can reproduce it.



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Hi Bernie,

Ok. Thank you for the details.

@warren.trezevant @bernie
I keep seeing mentions of Cuts, Cut Ingest, and the Python Console being moved to “other parts of the ecosystem” but I am having trouble finding any up-to-date documentation or articles explaining the specifics of that.

I’m particularly interested in dealing with Cuts and Cut Ingest and don’t want to move forward with something that’s being deprecated.