RV as a Nuke Flipbook not loading files

Hi, we have Shotgun and Rv integrated with Shotgun but when we try to view a render from nuke, the shortcut assigned inside rvnuke>menu.py works. RV opens, but is not loading the exr frames rendered in Nuke and opens and Untitled session. We try rv_this.py but no luck again,.
Any ideas how to use RV for a Nuke Flipbook?

Many Thanks


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Hi Francesc,

Sorry for the problem!

When RV loads, do you get any output in console? You can find the console in the menu Window>Console.


Hi Michael the message is:

runtime.eval, line 1, char 343: syntax error
ERROR: remote-eval: exception: “syntax error”
ERROR: remote-eval: 'require rvnuke_mode; rvnuke_mode.theMode().viewReadNodes (string {“Read4”}, string {"//Server2/sequences/CR/1350/COMP/work/images/hjd/u006/2880x1620/CR_1350_COMP_output_u006.%04d.exr"}, string {“linear”}, int {1001}, int {1051}, string {"

#NL#Frame Range:[value first]-[value last]#NL#Script Range:[frames first]-[frames last]"}, string {“Read”}, int {0});’

It helps?

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Thanks! The error looks like it is failing to find the RV/Nuke integration on the RV side. Do you have both check marks selected on the Nuke Integration package inside of RV?

You can find it in RV>Preferences>Packages



Yes is activated and integrated!



Hi Francesc!

Would you mind telling us a little more about how your integration is set up? Have you configured it in any way? You may need to configure your project settings for RV to set up the correct context.

You can find how to do it here: RV Nuke Integration - Getting Started

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