RV Silent Install query and RV 7.5.1 msi query?

I’m looking at deploying RV 7.5.1 to about 150 windows pcs. However, I hope to do automate this via SCCM and I want to install it silently so the end-user does not need to do anything.

Are there any flags for silent install such as /S for exe files or /q for msi files?

I’m currently using an exe installer file that I got off your website download section. I can deploy it via SCCM however it requires users input as it does not have a silent install flag that I know of.

Is there an msi installer file for 7.5.1 version of RV with a silent install flag or is there a silent install flag for the exe installer file

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Hey Peter,

Thank you for posting in the forums!

Unfortunately we don’t have silent flags for the .exe installer.

However, if you’re looking to install across multiple machines, you can use the Windows 64 Bit (No Installer) which is a zip of all the RV files. You can get the .zip installer here.

You can copy that folder to any machine without having to go through the installer steps. One thing to watch out though, you’ll need to modify the registry files that come with it, in order to set up file extension recognition and rvlink protocol handler. You’ll also need to either have a script to set up the desktop shortcuts to the RV executable or do that manually.

RV launcher is under RV_ZIP_LOCATION/bin/rv.exe Registry files are located in RV_ZIP_LOCATION/etc/. There are a number of .reg files there. You’ll need to open them in an editor and change the location of the RV install, then double click to install the files or do it silently via reg import foo.reg. Take a look at the README.regfiles for more info on what each reg file does.

Let us know if this helps!

– Alexa

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Hi Alexa,

I found an msi file within the exe file for rv install which allows silent install with /q . It seems the exe file just calls the msi file within it. So thanks for the input but the rv msi installer has the silent install flag.



Oh perfect! I didn’t know that. Thank you for sharing!

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