Shot Task Template updates and Tasks on previously created Shots?

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I wasn’t sure which section to post this in, so here it is.

We created a Shot Task Template a few months ago with 11 Tasks related to Pipeline Steps, and then generated a number of Shot entries for a Project using that Template.

Today, we added a 12th Task to that same Template.

How do we get the Shots previously generated under that Template to be aware of this new 12th Task that should be available to them under that “same”-but-now-updated Template?

When I try to add this 12th Task to a Shot’s Tasks, it doesn’t show up as an option.

Advice is appreciated!




Great question. Updating an additional Task created in a Task Template to entities the Template is already linked to is possible, but it’s just a little hidden. (Whew! That was a mouthful.)

Once you’ve added the new Task to the Task Template, just head to your Task Template page > right-click on the Task Template you added the Task to > and then select “Update Entities with New Tasks”

Also note that this updates are only additive. So let’s say you delete a Task in a Task Template already linked to entities, and run the same update. In this case, the deleted Task will not be deleted from those entities. Only additions will be applied.

Be sure to check out some more information on this, along with other Task Template functionality in our Admin Guide here.


Thanks Shayna!

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