Shotgun Desktop not loading correct pipeline configuration for some users


I’ve hit a pretty sticky issue here. I have a pipeline configuration that uses an uploaded config to override a Primary config for a specific project. This has been working fine with the exception of one user. When looking at the tk-desktop.log file I see the following warning when using Shotgun Desktop with their account.

2020-07-30 10:56:14,395 [   DEBUG] Our plugin id 'basic.desktop' matches pattern 'basic.*'
2020-07-30 10:56:14,398 [ WARNING] Pipeline configuration {'plugin_ids': 'basic.*', 'code': 'Primary', 'users': [], 'mac_path': None, 'project': {'type': 'Project', 'id': 559, 'name': '###########'}, 'descriptor': None, 'uploaded_config': None, 'windows_path': None, 'type': 'PipelineConfiguration', 'id': 397, 'linux_path': None} does not define a valid access location. Details: Pipeline Configuration 397 does not have a descriptor uri or uploaded config specified.

Logged into any other account on the same machine the override config is detected as shown below.

2020-07-30 11:12:35,407 [   DEBUG] Primary match: {'plugin_ids': 'basic.*', 'code': 'Primary', 'users': [], 'config_descriptor': >, 'mac_path': None, 'project': {'type': 'Project', 'id': 559, 'name': '##########'}, 'descriptor': None, 'uploaded_config': {'name': '', 'url': 'https://...', 'content_type': 'application/zip', 'type': 'Attachment', 'id': 9992, 'link_type': 'upload'}, 'windows_path': None, 'type': 'PipelineConfiguration', 'id': 397, 'linux_path': None}
2020-07-30 11:12:35,407 [    INFO] 'Primary' pipeline configuration '397' for project '559' overrides 'Primary' pipeline configuration '233' for site.

The permissions group for the affected user is Artist. Other users with the same permissions group are not experiencing the issue.

I feel like I must be missing something pivotal here! Any ideas?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Shotgun Desktop v1.5.7 and v1.5.8.
  • Using another Machine with the same account
  • Unregistering folders for the project
  • Deleting bundle_cache and our site configurations from the users appdata folder.
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Correction - I’ve realized that this is not affecting only 1 user but also a test user with the same permissions group. It’s unclear to me why these users seem unable to read the uploaded_config field of the pipeline configuration entity even though they do have permissions to see it.

Annnnd, fixing this was as simple as uploading the zip of the config again.


Hi Dan –

Sorry you had to go this one alone, but I’m glad you got yourself unstuck. I might have suggested checking the permissions on a File entity (the attachment field is actually linked to File), but if reuploading did the trick, then it just sounds like a very weird glitch. Let us know if it crops up again!

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