Shotgun Integration 1.3 Release Notes

February 12, 2020

What’s new?

We are excited to release v1.3 of our integrations. This release includes support for Python 3.7 to tk-core, a new 3dsmax engine which switches to the pymxs API for the integration with 3ds Max, a new Send for Review workflow is now included into Maya and Photoshop integrations, as well as a number of improved features and bug fixes.

Support for Python 3.7

Toolkit core v0.19 allows it to be imported and used with Python 3.7. New APIs were introduced to help porting Toolkit applications to Python 3. They can be found at the tk-core release notes page.

Here are current bundles with support for Python 3.7:

  • Apps
    • tk-multi-about v0.3.0
    • tk-multi-demo v1.2.0
    • tk-multi-launchapp v0.11.1
  • Engines
    • tk-3dsmax v1.1.1
    • tk-shell v0.8.0
  • Frameworks
    • tk-framework-qtwidgets v2.9.1
    • tk-framework-shotgunutils v5.7.2
    • tk-framework-widget v0.2.8

3ds Max engine

This new engine switches to the pymxs API for the integration with 3ds Max. This new engine supports 3ds Max 2017 and up.

A migration guide exists for clients that are using the tk-3dsmaxplus engine and want to migrate to tk-3dsmax . It can be found at the tk-3dsmax engine’s documentation page.

Send for Review

Send for Review introduces a new workflow between Maya/Photoshop and Shotgun Create. You can now send playblast or image as a draft to Shotgun Create, which put Create in version draft mode, where you can submit a review.

Within the Maya integration, you can find a new entry named Playblast to Create

Within the Photoshop integration you can find a new entry named Send for Review

Additional features/polish

  • Official support for Houdini 18.0. [SG-15250]
  • Publishes now show the entity display name instead of the entity name in Loader2 and Breakdown apps. [SG-15293]
  • Added PySide2 support to tk-shell. [SG-9787]

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a regression introduced in the previous release of tk-desktop, where python processes would be left orphaned instead of being closed when leaving the project in Shotgun Desktop. [SG-15442]
  • Fixed an error we were getting in the script editor after launching Maya 2020 on mac. It prevented Workfiles2 to auto launch on startup. [SG-15270]
  • Fixed a bug in tk-framework-desktopserver, where a browser could reject the certificate. [SG-14130]
  • Fixed a bug where Shotgun Desktop wasn’t logging a full error traceback if an error occurred when loading a project configuration, or when running an app. [SG-6422]


What’s new?

Adding support for Python 3.7 to some apps, as well as few bug fixes.


Here are new bundles with support for Python 3.7:

  • Apps
    • tk-multi-loader2 v1.20.0
    • tk-multi-pythonconsole v1.2.1
    • tk-multi-screeningroom v0.4.0
    • tk-multi-shotgunpanel v1.7.0
    • tk-multi-snapshot v0.8.0
    • tk-multi-workfiles2 v0.12.0

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a regression introduced in tk-multi-reviewsubmission v1.0.0 where Send for Review clips published from Nuke resulted in black frames. [SG-15830]
  • Fixed a bug where methods run in the Python console could not access the global scoped variables. For example, importing a module and then using it within a method would throw a NameError before the fix. Huge thanks to Joe Hultgren for providing this fix. [SG-4610]
  • Updated the Loader and Shotgun panel hooks in tk-3dsmax to be compatible with Python 3. [SG-15630]


Fixed bug

  • Fixed an issue where Playblast to Create was failing with Maya versions older than 2019. This fix ensures Playblast to Create is working fine with Maya versions back to 2016. [SG-15735]