Shotgun + RV Users: Onward and Upward: A deprecation you should know about


To all RV users on versions before 7.5: We recently released our version of RV with support for Qt 5. This brings us in line with the industry standard VFX Reference Platform and allows us to continue to support RV with a more effective and sustainable architecture. This exciting upgrade also means we’ll be able to provide even better, more consistent service moving forward. So we may focus our support on Screening Room, this friendly heads up should give you plenty of notice to update to the RV Qt 5. Please note: On 3/25/2020 we will deprecate support for the Screening Room integration in Qt 4.x versions of RV.

While we understand tech changes like this can come with a burden to our clients, we will not be able to actively support moving forward.

What does this mean for you?

  • Your version of RV will continue to work after this date with no changes.
  • We will stop testing and supporting the Screening Room integration for Qt 4.x versions of RV on that date, so this integration will no longer be something we are actively developing.
  • We will continue to develop for and support Screening Room on Qt 5 versions of RV version 7.5 and up.

We’ve started this thread to keep the community up to date and have a specific area designated to discuss the issue. Please drop in here and leave us a question, concern, or note as needed.

Update to the latest version of RV.


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