Shotgun Toolkit Engine for Maxon Cinema 4D

Hello everyone!

I’ve released my first engine for Maxon Cinema 4D:
tk-cinema repository

I’m not a professional programmer, so some code might be not very nice.

Huge thanks for contribution of @Diego_Garcia_Huerta in shotgun opensource tools. It was big start point for learning hierarchy of shotgun engines and apps.

I’ve tested it only in Windows 10 and only started from version R20 (in R19 there aren’t some critical python functions for solid work of all functions), but it should work on Mac OS too, and it already showed good quality in production (with some studio tweaks around base functionality). Feedback and contributions will be good to improve engine. All hooks for all default tk-apps are included. You might need to modify/tweak the hooks to fit your pipelines/workflows requirements.

I’ve used Diego’s great config and setup guide, just modify all necessary for Cinema.

In my github repository you can find useful apps for Cinema, like tk-cinema-playblast (based on maya version) and few other things, but they are WIP, and need some cleanups and optimizations.

Hope this will help someone!



Thats awesome @Mykhailo_Datsyk, thanks for sharing it here!!


Fantastic work @Mykhailo_Datsyk , the more the merrier!
Not that I know much about C4D, but I gave it a try the other day and managed to work and publish files as expected. I certainly felt a bit of a Déjà vu when I was following the documentation to set things up :slight_smile:


This is awesome, @Mykhailo_Datsyk! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added it to our Community Shared Integrations page. Thanks for sharing your work with the community!


Thanks @Mykhailo_Datsyk and @Diego_Garcia_Huerta I followed the isntructions but is giving me and error:

2020-02-21 16:54:50,964 [ ERROR] [PROXY] Error calling __commands::cinema_4d((), {}):
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Z:\XXX\MAT_Shotgun\install\app_store\tk-desktop\v2.4.14\python\tk_desktop\”, line 164, in _trigger_callback
callback(*args, **kwargs)
File “Z:\XXX_Shotgun\MAT_Shotgun\install\core\python\tank\platform\”, line 1082, in callback_wrapper
return callback(*args, **kwargs)
File “Z:\XXX_Shotgun\MAT_Shotgun\install\app_store\tk-multi-launchapp\v0.11.1\python\tk_multi_launchapp\”, line 123, in launch_version
menu_name, app_engine, app_path, app_args, version, *args, **kwargs
File “Z:\XXX_Shotgun\MAT_Shotgun\install\app_store\tk-multi-launchapp\v0.11.1\python\tk_multi_launchapp\”, line 373, in _launch_callback
File “Z:\XXX_Shotgun\MAT_Shotgun\install\app_store\tk-multi-launchapp\v0.11.1\python\tk_multi_launchapp\”, line 171, in _launch_app
app_engine, app_path, app_args, context, file_to_open
File “Z:\XXX_Shotgun\MAT_Shotgun\install\app_store\tk-multi-launchapp\v0.11.1\python\tk_multi_launchapp\”, line 45, in prepare_launch_for_engine
tk_app.sgtk, context, engine_name
File “Z:\XXX_Shotgun\MAT_Shotgun\install\core\python\tank\platform\”, line 90, in create_engine_launcher
% (engine_name, engine_descriptor)
TankError: Cannot create tk-cinema software launcher! tk-cinema v1.0.0 does not exist on disk.

What I’m missing? I merged all the yml files and copied the tk-cinema (wihout the config folder) inside Install>app_store

Many thanks for your hard work!


I think it looks like you need to run tank cache_apps, in order to actually pull down the bundles you configured.
Hopefully that fixes it!


Many thanks @philip.scadding !
All ok with your idea!
Many thanks!